Company Briefing

Kae Hwa industries is the first company in Taiwan whom starting to produce Alkyd resin on 1961. With a faster growing and market demand, the new office and factory was build up at Kaohsiung 1967 with the space 4,785sqm for converting the Sodium silicate, Arsenic trioxide, Benzoic acid, Concrete accelerating agent and also Alkyd resin and etc.

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Environmentally Friendly

A great extension for Kae Hwa Industrial was starting on 1998 at Chung- hwa Coast Industrial Park, the new investment was concentrated on research and developing the Polyethylene / Polypropylene Breathable film from resin compounding, film casting and Non-woven lamination in a better and efficient way for future need. The new materials are now wildly using on Hygienic, Industrial, Medical, Agricultural, Construction, Automotive and consumer finished products; The great advantage are not only reduce plastic consumption or recyclable but even faster decompose and non-toxic to create a more friendly environment to society.

Excellence in quality

As the pioneering company, Kae Hwa is the first company whom devote to developing water soluble ink for hygienic application; the Eco-friendly and non-toxic wet indicate ink was successful introduced to Taiwan and overseas market on the year 2000. Helping by advance technical and the latest facility, the one-stop production process had allowed Kae Hwa to supply the most stable and high quality multiple colors printed and in-line laminated products.

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Sustainable Development

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Over 50 years, innovation and dedication on PE Breathable film are our business philosophy and key element to lead Kae Hwa keep growing with the customers and the market; The company had received their respect and appreciate from all our clients during business contribution, this had encouraged us to devote further investment and research on latest idea and products. Prospectively, Kaw Hwa will focus with an even higher standard in the future to provide the best quality and service to our clients and society.


Since 1998, Kae Hwa has concentrate and dedicates on research and developing the Breathable Resin, Breathable film, Compounding and Lamination for diversity application. With its strong chemical background and understand the market trend, the company are keep invest on new facility and upgrade existing equipment to meet market demand.Today, the significant products has developed for different category by Kae Hwa Taiwan, Malaysia and China facility, such as backsheet for Diapers and Incontinent, Medical Apron, Industrial Coveralls, Outdoor cover, Agriculture cover, Convenient Raincoat, the cover for desiccant, warm pack and etc…

Contact Information


No. 11, Industrial East 3rd Rd., Lukang, Changhwa, Taiwan(R.O.C.)